Attendee Policy

The following policy applies to all persons present at a Church of the Living God International, Inc. (CLGI) conference.

CLGI accepts no liability for the safety of your person or property whilst at the conference.

CLGI reserves exclusive rights to record (audio and video) and/or photograph this conference for use in print and digital materials, presentations, and product sales. By attending, you agree that CLGI may photograph or record your likeness, image, name, voice, and/or words for such use. Please contact Elder Herman Butler if you have concern.

Code of Conduct

Persons uncomfortable with the behavior of another attendee or guest should immediately ask an usher for a member of security to speak to.

Church attire or business casual is appropriate for all the church services and modest casual for all other activities.

Dress Code: Males will not wear any attire that pertains to a woman or anything resembling thereto. Women will not wear any attire that pertains to a man. This dress code is enforced 24 hours daily throughout the conference. This applies to a member of any CLGI church or CLGI bible study.


Minors (under 18) are welcome at the conference but only under constant supervision by their parent or legal guardian.

Conference Badge (if issued)

Always wear your registration badge and lanyard. You will need your badge to attend the conference and any organized events.

Keep your badge and lanyard visible so that these are easily seen by security and others.

Video & Audio Recording

No video, audio or other filming/recording of the conference events is permitted, whether of speakers, choirs, or other activities. Please purchase copies of the conference in our store.

Attendees are not allowed to film the audience during the services.

This applies to the use of cameras, cell phones, mobile devices, voice recorders, and any other equipment.

If it looks as though you are using a device to record proceedings you will be approached by an usher or staff and asked to stop. Repeat offenses will result in ejection from the service.

Mobile Phones/Watches

Please ensure that your mobile phones and watches are switched off or set to silent. If you wish to make a call, please do so outside the main ballroom (sanctuary).

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