May 1, 2022

Christian Education

Where There is Unity There is Strength

Acts 17 (KJV)

Paul Needed Help in Athens

  • Paul needed help because the city was given wholly to idolatry Acts 17:16
  • Paul’s spirit was stirred in Athens while waiting for Timothy & Silas Acts 17:16
  • Paul sends for Timothy & Silas for help right away Acts 17:15
  • Paul sends for Timothy because Timothy had the power too I Cor 16:10

The Idolatry Of The City Of Athens

  • Athens was the chief city of Greece famed for its learning Acts 17:15 Ref C
  • There is no record that Paul established a church in Athens
  • Even though the city had Paul & two powerhouses (Timothy & Silas), they still couldn’t get a breakthrough in the whole city
  • This was because of the satanic powers
  • The satanic powers had a stronghold over education
  • One can rely on education so much that they don’t pray
  • Education is good because, Paul had a Ph.D. but, he knew he needed the power of God
  • However, they were able to start a church in Corinth nearby
  • Paul wrought no special miracles in Athens, for they did not believe Acts 19:11-12
  • The ground in Athens was harder to break than in Corinth, and Corinth had problems mentioned in two epistles

We Need Help To Fight This Good Fight of Faith

  • You may need help in your local church, jurisdiction, & organization
  • We need help to fight this good fight of faith I Tim 6:12
  • It is a spiritual battle, be strong in the Lord Eph 6:10
  • You cannot fight this battle by yourself
  • You got to have help in your church & jurisdiction because  of these strong holds  Eph 6:12 
  • One can chase a thousand & two can chase ten thousand Deut 32:30
  • We need strong elders James 5:14
  • Strong means you can pray in the Spirit when you pray Jude 20
  • We have a system of bishops, elders, and pastors to help one another
  • We are helpers one to another
  • We need help in the church I Cor 12:28

The Opposition in Ephesus Was Idolatry

  • We need the power of God to fight against principalities Eph 6:12
  • They worshipped the idol Diana in Ephesus Acts 19:24 
  • This idol had breasts all over her body Acts 19:27RefN
  • Those who worshipped her believed she was the mother and a nourisher of all creation
  • Witchcraft, voodoo, & burning incense comes with these idols
  • This was church work, fighting against all this idolatry Eph 6:10-12

Our Opposition Today Is COVID19

  • Our satanic opposition today is COVID19
  • Satan is using the virus to come against the church
  • Staying home to have church online is not the same as in-person
  • All churches (denominations) are having trouble getting people back into the church
  • You have to pray to not get that mind
  • Satan wants the churches to shut down
  • Ask the Lord to keep you
  • Through all this, we need to have a spiritual mind and watch the attack of the enemy against you and against the church

Paul’s Method In Starting Churches

  • Paul receives the vision of a man in Macedonia saying, come over into Macedonia and help us Acts 16:9
  • This church in Macedonia (Philippi) was during his 2nd missionary tour
  • Paul often visited churches to see how they were doing
  • Church work is spiritual work
  • Once again, they had opposition through the fortune teller Acts 16:16
  • The city was under the influence of the spirit of divination (fortune-telling)
  • Paul leaves Corinth to Ephesus Acts 19:1-2
  • Paul would go to the synagogues because he knew they knew the scripture & he would start with the Jews first

We Need The Power of God To Fight Against The Principalities

  • My preaching and teaching came not only with enticing words I Cor 2:1-5
  • An anointing should come with the title Eph 4:11-12
  • If there is no anointing with the title, that is coming up short
  • Obedient means to convince them to believe Rom 15:18-19
  • You got to teach and preach with a made-up mind
  • You got to be convinced first before convincing others
  • If you become obedient to the faith, you become a believer
  • What causes believers to believe? Mighty signs and miracles
  • Special miracles make believers

Bishop Joseph White

Bishop White is the organization’s founder and pastor of Pool of Bethesda, CLGI located in Columbus, Ohio. He teaches the Christian Education outline and shares them for your personal study and spiritual growth.

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