August 1, 2021

Christian Education

Comparing Corinthians with Ephesians Part II

Acts 17-18, I Cor 1-3 (KJV)

In Ephesus, The Population Had A Problem With Idolatry

  • Paul is writing to them in a higher spiritual level versus Corinth
  • The people of Ephesus worshipped the great goddess Diana Acts 19:35
  • Some of them got delivered from that idol Acts 19:26
  • The silversmith’s (who made idols for a living), occupation was in danger Acts 19:27
  • The silversmiths made an uproar and ran Paul out of town Acts 19:28-20:1
  • We have idolatry today
  • The “spirit” of those idols you read about in the bible is with us today
  • The spirit of Baal is in the people’s hearts and minds
  • You have to be careful because you could be worshipping that god
  • It is manifested through one’s behavior & lifestyle
  • Your lifestyle is what you like to do and where you like to go
  • One of the things that is killing the saints is MODERN TECHNOLOGY

Modern Technology Takes Away Our Desire To Live For God II Pet 2:8-9

  • That is why we can’t get these people to come to prayer
  • It wipes you out & you can’t concentrate and focus in prayer
  • You can’t stay on your knees to pray, you have to get up
  • It’s a spirit of an idol god screaming within you to get up from prayer
  • And you won’t read your bible, it looks harmless and innocent
  • We are exposed to the world, it comes to your home through the tv & music device
  • Watching & listening to the world vexed Lot’s righteous soul from day to day
  • What is vexing the righteous soul? Watching and listening to the world II John 2:15-17

Some Facts About Corinthians

  • This was a key city in Greece located between the Aegean & Adriatic seas
  • It was a commercial center in Greece
  • Corinth was rebuilt by Julius Caesar about 46 BC
  • The population at that time was about 700,000 people
  • When he establishes the church, it’s Greek
  • Greek philosophy influenced the population & church. Acts 17:16-34
  • Paul would use Timothy & others to contend with that in the church Acts 18:1-17
  • Paul ran into some of the Greek philosophers at the marketplace Acts 17:17
  • His church was the only Christian church in the area

The Division In The Church Was Over Personalities

a. The first problem was over the division of the preachers

  • Some said I am of Paul because he founded the Corinthian church
  • Others said I am of Apollos because of his eloquent speech
  • Some said they were of Peter because of his Jewish background
  • The rest said they were of Christ because they would have nothing to do with the factions or parties of men
  • The Corinthians judged Paul according to his appearance, the way he spoke, and not by his demonstration of the Spirit and power II Cor 10:10
  • The Corinthian saints were arguing about baptism & who baptized who
  • Baptism is an outward show that one has given up the old way of life unto a new way of life through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Baptism doesn’t bring salvation, it is an outward confession of faith I Pet 3:21
  • In other words, you get baptized under what you believe

Other Problems In The Church

  • A brother should not go to the law against another brother in the church
  • Saints should’ve resolved the matter before the father went to court I Cor 6:1-8
  • Some were puffed up I Cor 4:18-19
  • Fornication, adultery & other sins of the flesh I Cor 6:9-10

The Dangers Of Being A Fault-Finder

  • If you find fault with everything, what do you like in the church?
  • There is a dead cat on the line, to everything that is pure all things are pure
  • Stop finding fault, get yourself together and pray for everybody
  • You use that excuse, so you can’t get right
  • Only the strong can bear the infirmities of the weak Rom 15:1
  • Its not good for the saints to know everything that is going on wrong in the church
  • The more you hear and see, the more it can negatively affect you
  • You have to be strong in the Lord in order to know what’s going
    on in the church and not be negatively affected II Tim 2:20
  • If I were you I would let God take care of it
  • A poor fellow was barely hanging on by a thread, and when he’s found
    something else out, he stopped coming to church.
  • You might be in a spiritual struggle right now, because of something
    you seen & heard, and it’s not good to know what is wrong in the church

By The Time Paul Writes His Second Letter To The Corinthians There Is Progress

  • Paul made reference to this man again (I Cor 5) and to forgive him II Cor 2:3-7
  • Paul told the church to take the man back after putting him out II Cor 2:6-7

Bishop Joseph White

Bishop White is the organization’s founder and pastor of Pool of Bethesda, CLGI located in Columbus, Ohio. He teaches the Christian Education outline and shares them for your personal study and spiritual growth.

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