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We are fast approaching the 2018 Church of the Living God International, Inc. (CLGI) General Assembly in Mobile, Alabama. A summary is below for convenience, but please download the official memorandum for complete details.

2018-GeneralAssembly-Memo-20180319.pdf (72 downloads)


General Assembly Assessments & Registration

All bishops, elders, pastors, ministers, exhorters and members of CLGI are required to pay their Assessments and Register for the 2018 CLGI General Assembly. It is very important all members support the 2018 General Assembly.

You can pay 2018 CLGI General Assembly Assessments through your local church which reports the Assessments to your Jurisdiction. The due date for the Jurisdiction to submit Assessments to the CLGI General Church is March 30, 2018. Assessment payments from individuals are not accepted during the General Assembly.

The 2018 CLGI General Assembly registration will open online April 15, 2017. The early registration cost is $65.00  between April 15, 2018 and May 15, 2018. After May 15, 2017 the cost will remain $75.00.

Photo ID

All bishops, elders, pastors and ministers are also required to pay their Assessments and General Assembly registration in order to receive their CLGI Photo IDs at the General Assembly. Photo ID is purchased for $15.00 with the General Assembly registration and is valid through July 2019.

General Council

All bishops, elders, and pastors must pay their Assessments and General Assembly registration in order to attend the 2018 CLGI General Council.

Thank you!

Elder Herman C. Butler & CLGI Financial Team


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