Lesson Text: I John 1:1-3 / 1 John 3:3 / John 1:1-2 / Philippians 2:7

The False Teaching of Gnosticism

  • They teach that the trinity is three personalities in one
  • They do not explain how God created the heaven and earth
  • They teach Jesus did not experience pain on the cross
  • They overlook the fact that Jesus had a family
  • They deny that Jesus was born as a baby that grew up to an adult. They teach that Jesus did not come in the flesh.
  • There are forms of Gnosticism in some denominations today
  • Catholicism is an example of Gnosticism, they can’t tell you where Jesus came from, it’s also a form of idolatry
  • We do not use imagery like rosaries to pray
  • Be careful of songs you may sing like, “Holy holy holy” one of the lyrics say, “God in three persons blessed trinity”.

9 Main Points of Gnosticism

  • A claim to a higher and special knowledge of truth, a tendency to regard knowledge as superior to faith (back of Dakes KJV, p. 50)
  • Separation of matter & spirit, the flesh being essentially sinful and the source of all evil
  • The attempt in solving creation by another god
  • A denial of the true humanity of Jesus Christ
  • A denial of the personality of the Supreme God
  • A denial of the free will of man
  • A claim that spiritual communion with God is attained through asceticism or denial of pleasures
  • A combination of Christian doctrines with pagan philosophy
  • O.T. scriptures were the product of the God of the Jews but not the true and supreme God

What We Believe About Jesus is True & Is Found In The Bible

  • Jesus was with the Father in the beginning  John 1:1
  • Jesus always existed in heaven before existing in Mary’s womb Phil 2:7
  • Jesus had an earthly father and family
  • Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am” John 8:58
  • When Jesus came down, he was a baby, had to be nursed, learned how to walk, and grew up like a normal man Luke 2:52; John 6:38
  • Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh Rom 8:3; II Cor 5:21
  • Jesus’ ministry went as far as Syria. Syria’s capital is Damascus (see Dakes’ KJV Bible Maps)
  • Because Jesus partook of flesh & blood, we also are able to live free from sin Heb 2:14-18

The Jew’s God & The Christian’s God Are The Same (Acts 11:18; Rom 10:12)

  • Unbelieving Jews went to great lengths to show they don’t have the same God Matt 13:45-46
  • The Jews knew who God was John 8:41
  • The Jews only had a problem with Jesus John 5:18
  • The Jews didn’t believe on Jesus because they grew up with Him and they knew his family, so to them he could
    not have come down from heaven John 6:38,Matt 13:54-58, John 6:38
  • Some people today have a problem with both because, they get God and Jesus mixed up
  • Jesus influenced the disciples after being with them 3 years Matt 26:73; Acts 4:13

Concerning The Preachers Appearance

  • Preacher-man should look like one, you won’t need to wear a white collar for people to know
  • Preacher-woman are to dress appropriately, to not wear tight apparel that would detract from the sermon, including wearing black gothic nails I Tim 2:10

The Apostle John Writes To Combat Gnosticism

  • He says after the resurrection Jesus could be touched I John 1:1
  • Jesus was not a ghost as the Gnostics teach
  • We shall see Jesus as He is I John 3:3
  • God is made known or declared for all to understand John 1:18
  • The Gnostics taught against the resurrection but Paul said if Christ be not raised then your faith is vain I Cor 15:17
  • John says we can also have fellowship with God & Jesus because they are real & not imaginary I John 1:3
  • Heaven & the holy city is not imaginary but real Rev 21:1-2
  • The Disciples taught God raising Jesus from the dead Acts 2:32, Acts 4:10


Perform an internet search for “gnostic” and “gnosticism”. Read and study: [bversebg title=”John”]John[/bversebg], [bversebg title=”1 John”]1 John[/bversebg], [bversebg title=”2 John”]2 John[/bversebg], [bversebg title=”3 John”]3 John[/bversebg].

Bishop Joseph White

Bishop Joseph White


Dr. Joseph White teaches biblical seminars throughout the year. The outlines are available for anyone to download and study from. When he is not traveling, Dr. White is teaching and preaching as pastor of Pool of Bethesda, CLGI located in Columbus, Ohio.