Currently in Hawaii, the Missions Department is donating non-perishable items to Institute for Human Services in the local area. Pastor Andrew Littlejohn, along with other saints, travel monthly to the island of Kauai and Kona to conduct bible studies, canvass, and share God’s Word. We will be having an outdoor picnic in April or May, which we do yearly to bring the Word of God forth into the public arena. It’s such a blessed time as it usually draws someone to fellowship with us as well as others listening in, being blessed by God’s Word. We will continue to strive at reaching out to as many souls as possible, sharing God’s greatness and compelling them to come this way (Luke 14:23).
Honolulu Worship Center Minister Kimberly Mele, Missions Director Minister Keta McCaskill, Pacific Northwest Missions Director   Commissioned_052017_v3_3.pdf (1195 downloads )

Commissioned is a newsletter from The Church of the Living God International, Inc. produced by the International Missions ministry. The publication is provided to report on activities, share resources, and encourage missionaries to continue their work across the globe.